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===>Character Information<===
Character Name: Mimosa (aka Mimi if you have explicit permission)
Character Dreamwidth: [personal profile] mimosa_vox
Posting Tag: plot character: sweetest noodle
Age: 20
Mutation: Mimi is a mythic. Specifically, she is a Nagin mythic, a snake woman. Her upper half is that of an extremely muscular Southwest Asian woman while her lower half is the body of a chain viper (Daboia). Her hands are clawed but capable of performing delicate tasks such as writing and using silverware. Mimi's jaw can unhinge to reveal sharp teeth, though she rarely does this in front of anyone unless she's about to eat them (which she doesn't do...often). She possesses incredible sheer strength and speed.

Price: Unfortunately, the price Mimosa pays for her physical power is that she simply doesn't fit inside a human world. Her "standing" height alone puts her at nearly seven feet tall, and that's not even counting the length of her tail. Most furniture isn't designed to support half a ton of snake lady, and her bulk fills a small room. In addition to the awkwardness of her size, Mimi simply looks downright terrifying, from her reptilian eyes to her unnatural jaw to her scaly lower half. She frightens most people when she first meets them; to them, she is simply a monster.

And to make matters worse, she can't even wear SHOES.

Personality: Oh, boy, where to begin. To put it succinctly, Mimi is a delicate little flower with a passion for puzzles, tea drinking, shoes, and Isaac's trashy romance novels. She is a fashion DIVA. She is also very, very shy due to the reaction she normally gets from her appearance. Those who know her, however, know her as a wide-eyed innocent who will chatter away all day long if you give her the chance.

Mimosa was a tiny little snake baby found at the very beginning by Tammy, who took her home to the library and raised her into a very BIG snake lady. Mimi grew up literally surrounded by books. She had an early fascination with clothes, especially the kind she was not shaped to wear. This turned into a literal obsession with shoes, the fancier the better. She collects the shoes she finds in the Junkyard, where she regularly hunts for rats at night after she takes out the most recent trash from the Library cleanup. These, she lovingly displays in an unused back room of the Library, each one arranged museum-like so she can admire them all at once. (Imagine the Little Mermaid's secret collection of human stuff and you get the idea.)

Tammy imprinted on infant Mimosa, which developed into an intense bond between the two. As Mimi grew, she felt like the only way she could truly repay everything her mother figure had done for her was to become Tammy's protector. She honed her fighting skills in her nightly battles in the Junkyard, and learned that her frightening countenance worked nicely to scare off many of the people who might threaten Tammy or the Library. Her social shyness does not extend to her sense of protectiveness; she would tear down half the City if needed to keep Tammy safe. Tammy calls Mimi her Knight in Jingly Armor due to the many bracelets and dangly earrings she wears, and the capital K is always implied.

Today, Mimosa enjoys a mostly quiet existence in the Library, lurking in the shadows of the stacks when unknown visitors come to see Tammy and slithering out to chat with the few friends she does know. Such a hermitlike life means that she spends a lot of time doing her hair, changing clothes, and trying on jewelry. If it jingles, she adores it; if it sparkles, she probably owns it. Her hair is rarely seen in the same style two days in a row. Mimi paints her claws to match her choli (the shirt that is the one human garment she does get to wear) of the day.

She speaks with a hiss on every "s". For the sake of people's eyes, this will be written as two extra "s"es and only in her dialogue. Also, unfortunately for most people, Mimi believes that the books Isaac writes are accurate depictions of the thinly-veiled characters. Therefore, in her mind, Anna is a bodice-ripper heroine, Hero is the bravest of heroic souls, etc. This makes things awkward when she does meet them in person, mostly for the subject of the novels. Mimi tends to be oblivious of the reality, and most people just let it go because really, who argues with a snake lady?

Non-Mutation Skills/Powers: Mimi is very good at intimidation, whether directly looming over her target or lurking out of sight...people who visit the Library and don't meet her often feel as though they are "being watched". She is an excellent fighter, relying on her natural speed and power more than technical skill or a specific martial art. She also makes a mean pot of tea.

Memory(ies) Lost: None; Mimi was a baby at Day One and as such has no past memories to lose.


Network Sample:

What: Audio Only (the thumbnail pic is of a flower)
Date: Today
Status: Ongoing | Closed (Fortuna/Mimosa)

Ah, hello, Auntie! I heard you were coming by tomorrow and wondered if you could bring sssomething for me. Lassst time you sssaid you had old cardsss from the dealer tablesss. I'm making a card houssse! Tammy found a book with picturesss, but I only have one deck here. I could ussse more!

Love you, thank you! Sssee you sssoon!


Log Sample:

Characters: Tammy, Mimosa
What: Cleaning
Location: The Library
Date: Now
Rating: Shouldn't go over PG-13
Status: Ongoing | Open

"Of courssse." Mimosa carefully set her book down on a shelf and took the bag from Tammy, hefting it easily in one hand. "No one'sss about, yesss?" She glanced outside and, seeing that the road was clear, pulled the drape of her sari over her head. Not that it disguised her very long, scaly body, but she felt less exposed this way. "I'll bring it to the Junkyard. It'sss almossst nightfall; I won't be long. Then you can tell me all about how you tried to help the poor Doctor. He mussst have been quite upssset." A slightly dreamy look crossed her face.


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